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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

With four canvasses remaining on the calendar, it is challenging to write a proper “what happened, and what it all means” article.

However, I believe the following can safely be said:

First, the Howard County Public School System Board of Education's commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles, staffing, initiatives, and activities will continue to be a highly salient issue. On a related note, June 11, 2020 is the date for a hearing on equity policy. I encourage Howard County residents to testify for DEI positions, the equity budget, and increased funding for: closing the opportunity gap, population growth-based Liaison staffing, mental health, and technology.

On another related note, especially in these times, Christina Delmont-Small and Sezin Palmer, do you still believe that DEI positions should be slashed from the budget?

Looking ahead to November, I believe (as of this writing) that there will be two marquee BoE races to watch in Howard County. This is not to say that the other three districts will witness slumber-fests. Antonia Barkley Watts (D2) and Jolene Mosley (D3) are excellent candidates and I hope both are elected to the Board of Education this fall. And I suppose District 5 will sort itself out...but getting back to the two Races to Watch:

District 4 is one of them. Jen Mallo appears to have clinched one of the two spots for the General Election. Matt Levine registered an ignominious and well-deserved defeat and for that, I say a hearty “Thank you!” to my fellow 4th District voters. Sezin Palmer currently has a 366-vote lead over Kirsten Coombs. Surmounting that gap would require a healthy swing in Coombs’ direction among the as-yet-to-be-counted ballots.

The other race can be found in District 1. If you are a progressive minded D1 resident and you think it is important to vote your values, then Matthew Molyett is the candidate for you. Christina Delmont-Small and her coterie of far right-wing backers represent a clear threat to an authentic commitment to public education as well as to the aforementioned DEI staffing and activities. It has been said before and it must be said again, Delmont-Small is Howard County’s Betsy DeVos. Matthew Molyett is a light-years better alternative whose values are far more in tune with District 1. Molyett has earned the active support of those who want to move HCPSS forward.

Stay tuned for election updates as votes continue to be counted.

In solidarity.

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