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Happy Comradesgiving!

Oh, to be Art Buchwald and pen a Thanksgiving column that is evergreen. It would save so much time. But I know my readers enjoy topicality, especially of a local nature (the page visit numbers may fib on the margins, but they do not bald-face lie).

A little more than 24 hours from now, I will be full of macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie, and what passes for “glee” in Booms-world. Per tradition, I will watch the Detroit Lions play – and lose – a home game (this year, against the Houston Texans…what a classic rivalry).

As I sit there on the couch, bloated and neck deep in the new John Judis book (The Socialist Awakening: What’s Different Now About the Left) that I am anxious to crack open, rest assured I will be thinking about the comings and goings happening in Columbia, MD.

First, there has been a great deal of back and forth on one particular debate. On the Great Grinchening of 2020, my sympathies are with Merriweather and continuing the Symphony of Lights tradition to the greatest extent possible. Now, I anticipate that some people will take considerable umbrage regarding this preference…or misinterpret (deliberately or otherwise) my statement. I’m not going to die, or even suffer a mild sprain, on this hill. Save your arguments.

Broadly speaking, I think it’s embarrassment that the Columbia Association is referred to as “the most important civic institution in Columbia” (which it most likely is). A powered-up parks and rec department with some gyms, open space oversight, and programming responsibilities is an extremely poor substitute for an actual local government. But that is a discussion for another time. Note re: the CA...am I being reductive about them or merely employing Occam’s Switchblade (made by Spyderco!)? A better question is, why not down three glasses of coquito and ask me that same query an hour later?

I am elated that Thanksgiving will be spent at home, surrounded by space and an appreciation of an incoming Administration that, at the very least, understands and promotes science. Yet I, and many others, will continue to watch with great interest to see who is likely to populate the highest ranks of the Biden Administration. As the saying goes, “personnel is policy.” Thus, the personnel need to be scrutinized carefully.

And I will savor the quiet moments. For the 2022 election cycle should prove to be a busy one locally. So many possible primaries and other developments that could disrupt politics-as-we-know-it (People’s Party?).

So, friends, rest up, eat well, read, listen to some life-affirming music (may I suggest “Can’t Buy a Thrill” by Steely Dan, every track is an audial delight), plan/plan/plan, and celebrate your ability to endure these troubled times.

In Solidarity!

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