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“Just When I Thought I Was Out…”

How fitting since Godfather III was airing this weekend.

Yet as a Wilde Lake resident, I feel compelled to state, for the record, two points:

1. While I have some friends and acquaintances on the Rouse Project Steering Committee, I remain leery about their purpose and precise plans for Columbia in the months and years ahead. I see too many glittering generalities in their communications, their priorities could use more specificity. I wonder about the businesses and other “powerful” individuals and interests who may or may not be supporting this initiative. Also, I concur with those who have called for greater transparency, especially since real money is apparently being spent in these elections (professional looking signs and mailers aren’t cheap, folks).

2. In terms of the CA Board election in Wilde Lake, with the decision by Nancy McCord to not seek re-election, it is an open and contested race. I don’t know one of the three candidates, Steven Michael Campbell. The other two, Tina Horn and Bill Santos, I know reasonably well.

When I first moved to Columbia, I found Bill’s blog very helpful in understanding how this unique community operates. His institutional knowledge of Columbia is impressive, as is his attention to detail. And he obviously cares about Wilde Lake. Yet he has run before, and unsuccessfully, for the CA Board. While Bill embraces the community, does Wilde Lake feel likewise?

Tina has an impressive track record of community engagement with multiple organizations: the MLK, Jr. Holiday Commission, PATH, the HCPSS Community Advisory Council, the UUCC Black Lives Matter Team, and PTAs, among other causes. She is also a graduate of Leadership Howard County. I believe her commitment to equity is sincere and deeply felt. And at least her campaign materials offer a bit more specificity regarding her stance on preserving and enhancing Columbia’s open spaces.

I see this election as an opportunity to change the direction of the Columbia Association, which has seen some hard times of late. I think Tina Horn represents the best change option on the ballot. It was a tough decision between two excellent choices, but ultimately, I think that Tina Horn is the CA Board member Wilde Lake, and Columbia, needs.

In solidarity.

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