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Knock It Off…Now

While Governor Larry Hogan is busy continuing to mishandle the COVID-19 crisis in Maryland, the Columbia Democratic Club has apparently decided to do what Democrats do far too often, all too well, and way too reliably – get bogged down in internecine squabbles.

As a dues-paying member of the CDC, I am vexed. What kicks it up to terribly vexed is that I am acquainted with so many of the players involved; none of whom will be mentioned by name here…in *this* post.

Come to think of it, I’ve resided in Columbia for 10 years now. That anniversary snuck up on me. Takes me back to a time when we used in gather in public spaces with exposed mouths and noses. I definitely recall attending several such apparently reckless political events locally in the 2014 election cycle. I met so many great activists – many of whom remain deeply involved in Democratic circles today. Their contributions to the Party are considerable and should be respected.

One thing about the Columbia Democratic Club, while the organization should encourage healthy discussions on policy matters, I don’t think it can, or should, be just a debating society. Politics is not a hobby in the way that knitting or stamp collecting are. Acrimonious public debates can dissuade folks from engaging with the CDC, which can hinder volunteer efforts, which can have a negative impact on Democratic campaigns up and down the ticket, which could mean losing and winning is definitely the goal. This is why we have parties and elections.

So when certain members of the Columbia Democratic Club lay into local Democratic elected officials and other activists via public fora, it is very troubling. One needs to think about the mission of the CDC, and how leaders of said organization should comport themselves. The leadership roles to which such people have been entrusted should lead to greater introspection before conveying thoughts or taking actions that could be seen as divisive. There are times, positions, and conditions where such lobbing metaphorical grenades – at one’s own side - may prove necessary. However, I have not seen the need for such vitriol.

My recommendation is this: the leadership of the CDC needs to step up (in a hurry) and be a unifying figure for the local party. If upon careful but quick reflection, it is decided that this person is unable and/or unwilling to do so, they should vacate their office so the CDC can focus on 2022 and beyond.

Will there be more on this topic? I hope not. That said, am I ready to write more? Absolutely.

In solidarity.

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