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Welcome to Hypocrisy County

Or “HyCo” as it is known in the lesser-traveled and perilous neighborhoods of Greater Columbia and environs. Where are the O’Jays when they are needed the most?

“All the time they want to take your place The back stabbers (back stabbers) (They smilin' in your face)”

How can I go about funding a Choose Authenticity campaign? I would much rather see those bumper stickers plastered on every car from Maple Lawn to Long Reach rather than the laughable Choose Civility detritus folks affix to their vehicles. The single greatest deficit facing HyCo is not physical in nature, it is neither schools nor housing; neither transportation nor a sustainable tax base. It is, in fact, the paucity of simple honesty.

Perhaps I was spoiled by growing up in the Great Lake State, where conversational artifice is as rare as a cook-out in January.

[Counterpoint: Kid Rock, but he is far more than exception than the rule, and also a greasy poseur greatly in need of a sound and righteous ass-kicking (Bawitdafuck-you Robby from Romeo, MI).]

I believe one of the reasons why there is so much animus in our political dialogue in HyCo is because there is a fundamental lack of trust in the motivations and intent of the “other.”

Frankly, there is good reason for this. So many HyCo people seem on the make. Or have barely concealed ulterior motives. Or are somewhat delusional.

So, we ascribe the worst to the "other," as a defense mechanism if nothing else. Best to be prepared. Adopt the first-strike capability doctrine now. Especially since far too many HyCo-ians would seemingly accept the consequences of mutually assured destruction. "If I can't win, the 'other' won't either..."

What is to be done? To be honest, I do not know. I identified the problem, is that not enough for Phase One? Phase Three, according to the Gnomes, is profit. Finding and implementing solutions, that is Phase Two. This will be discussed later.

Going to use my old and new taglines and one more: Stay Tuned, as More Will Follow...Reporting from HyCo...In solidarity,

Spartan Considerations

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