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Yungmann: Working for the Clampdown

If rabies wore shirts and held public office, the 5th Howard County Council District would have better representation than it does now. Meanwhile, the scabrous visage of Mr. David Yungmann continues to infest HoCo policymaking - this time in an all-out assault on the voting rights of the Student Member of the Board (SMOB to you and me).

Now, he is most likely despondent over the electoral failures of his Republican party. Where does one store a well-used shrine to Steve Bannon? But that does not give Yungmann the right to take shots at a high school senior or rail against student representation on the HCPSS Board of Education.

He may cry his crocodile tears, but this is nothing more than blatant posturing by a local politician looking to score some cheap points with his "base" during in the post-election doldrums. C'est fini. Is he concerned about a primary challenge? It is true that his vote totals in 2018 were weak: with only 15,990 votes against China Williams, he finished well behind Greg Fox's performances in 2014 (16,882) and 2010 (17,424) and even Allan Kittleman's 2002 showing (16,656) back when the County's population was considerably smaller than it was in 2018. Is he looking to move up? Given that he is a political non-entity east of Auto Drive, that would take quite a heavy lift. Furthermore, I don't think his exclusionary politics would play well County-wide.

Anyway, good morning!

In solidarity.

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